Our expertise. Your Collection.

Making your collection

The appeal of natural colour diamonds is historic, evoking an almost mythical quality throughout the ages. Their rarity, beauty and value have always inspired deep passions, and a collection tells that story.

If you are considering beginning a collection, if you want to add to or perfect an existing collection or if you are thinking of building a future legacy, we help inform your choices.

The spirit of the collector is to capture the moment. The collector keeps his awareness open. The true expert can identify that moment and knows when to act.

To take your collection to a different level we help you to create, select, perfect and complete your story, making it unique and exceptional.

How can we advise you?

So why do you need advice? Because not every natural colour diamond is a collectable item it is imperative that you get an expert opinion on its rarity, beauty and value.

In practice we advise on:

Planning a collection
Sourcing the diamond you're looking for
Negotiating on the open market
Appraisal of all aspects of a collection

Whether to love and admire your diamonds in the here and now, or to make them a legacy to pass on to future generations, your diamonds can also be enjoyed as celebrated pieces of jewellery.

Your collection is for now... and always....