Naming of Colours

December 15, 2017

Alan Bronstein and Stephen C. Hofer have devoted considerable time to compiling a complete catalogue of known coloured diamond names…..these appear in the delightfully named Forever Brilliant.

The authors assign a “Common Name” to each stone. For example a stone that is classified by Hue as Grey – Blue is given the common name of “Sky”. An Orangish-brownish-Yellow has the common name of “Honey”.

Naming  of  Colours
Alan  Bronstein  and  Stephen C. Hofer Forever  Brilliant  : The  Aurora  Collection  of  Color  diamond

The Aurora Collection book exists also in a more elaborate version .

Naming  of  Colours
Stephen C.  Hofer Collecting  and  Classifying Colored  Diamonds An  Illustrated  study  of  the  Aurora  Collection

Clearly naming colours is important…..but even more important is to choose a coloured diamond that speaks to YOU!

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