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Yves Frey Creed

The current convention is that diamonds are white.....but there have always been coloured diamonds. I found a parallel in this article

Winter is finally here and I find my clients asking to see diamonds in wintery whites, greys and blues ....of course . The seasons have a very powerful effect on our choice of colours. This video about the colour palette used in "Game of Thrones" says it all.

The Glamour of Brown Diamonds

December 22, 2017

At this time of year our thoughts often turn to seasonal luxuries like Cognac, Champagne and Chocolate. These are also the names of coloured diamonds of a brownish hue. Understandably these names evoke something much more appealing than the word Brown !

Naming of Colours

December 15, 2017

The  way  we   define  and  name  colours  is  related  to  our  culture.  In the world of Natural Coloured Diamonds, stones are assigned colour names according to their hue, tone and saturation

When clients are seeking to mix coloured diamonds for a jewellery commission I notice that there are particular combinations which excite them.

I have long noticed that no matter what colour diamond my clients have come to purchase at some point they will always ask to see the Blues….. This got me reflecting on the emotional reaction to the colour blue.

Whilst the best white diamonds are completely colourless, there is a grade in Fancy Colour Diamonds known as a Natural Fancy White.  When I look at certain paintings I am reminded of this paradox..... Artists all have different ways of using white paint to convey both form and light.

A sea of colourful houses

November 6, 2017

I find the impact of seeing colour in unexpected places such as these houses is especially thrilling. It's the same thrill I get when I discover a new brilliantly coloured diamond. And the same reaction I see when showing coloured diamonds to clients who are expecting them to be white.