A Synergy of Artistry, Healing and Wealth

Yves Frey is an explorer. Born into the fourth generation of Antwerp diamond merchants, his first major career decision was to qualify as an accountant and leave Belgium to discover the world. He went to Paris where he discovered the work of the philanthropic banker Albert Kahn whose inspirational life motivated Yves to pursue a career in banking.

Yves was one of the first members of the Goldman Sachs team in Paris. After a few years he took time out to travel the rest of the world. He then returned to Paris to work for Bank of America who eventually posted him to London.

London gave him the opportunity to train in an area that he had engaged in while in Paris and for which he had a lifelong interest, namely health and healing and specifically cranio-sacral therapy. Meanwhile, the Frey family was incorporating natural fancy colour diamonds into their business. They invited Yves to be their London presence. It was at this point that the wonder of colour diamonds worked their magic on Yves. He fell in love. Enchanted, he had found his calling.

Inspired by the uniqueness and splendour of the stones themselves, Yves loves to design jewellery that enhances their beauty. He encourages his clients to work with him on creating unique settings for their stones. He has also created a line of rings - Les Adorables and Les Mini-Adorables which show off the coloured stones to perfection. These are all made in the workshops of Hatton Garden, the historic centre of the London diamond and jewellery.

The move from banking, then the connection between cranio-sacral therapy and diamonds was considered and intuitive. Cranio-sacral therapy is a gentle hands-on approach that integrates mind and emotions into the body. Designing jewellery calls on the same subtlety, vision and insight. Both involve bringing the core essence into expression. This connection is key to Yves' approach to life.

Years on, Yves has become an expert on natural fancy colour diamonds. His continuing passion and understanding of the stones ranks him as an influential player in this specialist arena. In the same way that it takes years for a perfumer to develop a 'nose', only time and experience can develop the 'eye' for coloured diamonds. In Yves words, "The more you are exposed to different colour diamonds the more you can see the nuances and make comparisons".

Yves is regularly invited to lecture at The Gemological Institute of America and is often called upon for his professional opinion by the Press. Inevitably Yves has become the man to advise collectors of natural fancy colour diamonds on how to enhance their collections. Yves remains an explorer. A treasure hunter, he is always searching for exceptional and fascinating diamonds to delight his clients.